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Stay for the Air Force One Tour in Westlake Village

If you are a lover of all things history and are a fan of the president Ronald Reagan, then we have the place for you. You can stay at the Air Force One Suite at the beautiful Westlake Village Inn resort. This resort made one suite dedicated to the former president. This room is amazing with decorations to look like something Reagan would like, even included with limited edition presidential plates. This is not a room that you would want to miss out on. If this sounds like something you would just adore then you need to get out to Westlake Village as soon as you can.


Stay in the beautiful Westlake Village Inn hotel in Westlake Village to truly experience the presidential library that Simi Valley has to offer. Upon arrival if you do chose to stay in their Air Force One Suite you will be given lemonade, two tickets to the Ronald Regan Presidential Library where you can see Air Force One up close and personal, a copy of the Reagan Diaries, and some jelly bellies. This is not something you want to pass up.

Hotel Located in Westlake Village

Are looking for a weekend getaway? Looking to go somewhere that is nothing but relaxing? But also a place where if you decided to go out you could? Then you need to be checking in to this wonderful Westlake Village hotel, Westlake Village Inn. They offer an array of packages for their guests and want to make sure that you feel at peace when you check in. When you check in you can feel as though you are at your home away from home. If you are looking for a romantic weekend with your loved one or if you are looking for a sophisticated family vacation this place has everything.


They even have a sweet Bubbles & Bubbly Lovers Package that can let you just unwind with your lover. They give you an amazing mini suite room that you can just love. Along with that they will give you a credit to order the champagne that is to your liking. You can even get some chocolates and a bath bomb. Westlake Village Inn a Westlake Village hotel can satisfy all of your vacation needs. You can come out to a relaxing romantic vacation with your favorite person.

Best Bar in Westlake Village

Finding the best bar in your area can change. One day it can be the one down the street from you and the next week if can be just out side of your town. Everyone has a different viewpoint on what makes the best bar in Westlake Village. An argument can be that Bogie's Bar in Westlake Village is in fact the best bar. This bar really has it all. From their tasteful decorations that leave the place with an artistic vibe to their selection of drinks. 


You can get just about anything you want at Bogie's Bar. They have the option of seat yourself to private tables. They give you the choice between taking a sip by the glass or a full bottle service. They let you be in charge of how your night is going to go, whether you make it a relaxing night out or a full blown party.