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A Westlake Village Coffee Shop

The Stonehaus in Westlake Village is the perfect place to stop in for some coffee at any time of the day. They offer a selection of hot, cold, and blended assortments. They have reasonably priced options that make you wonder why you have been going to the big chains in the first place. They offer reasonable and delicious cold brews, cappuccinos, lattes, and even flavored coffees. This is the best place for you to come check out if you are new to coffee or looking to expand your horizons.


Go visit The Stonehaus restaurant in Westlake Village if you are looking for a nice cup of coffee in the morning. They are attached to the Westlake Village Inn properties and are the best place on their property to grab a cup of coffee. They could even go as far to say they are the best place to grab a coffee in Westlake Village. If you are tired of coffee chains and unauthentic coffees, then you need to get out this Westlake Village coffee shop.