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Happy Hour at The Mediterraneo in Westlake Village

The Mediterraneo offers an exceptional happy hour menu. Happy hours at some places are bland, and things you normally wouldn't order off the menu. Sometimes it's not even any discounted price. That's not what you want out of a happy hour. You want reasonably priced drinks and food, and items you would typically order. You want it to be something that you want to come out for. That's why this Westlake Village happy hour isn't on to be missed. 


The Mediterraneo is a restaurant located in the Westlake Village area. Their menu for their happy hour ranges from small plates to main courses, and beers to table side cocktail service. This is the type of happy hour you want to be at. It's one you think of when the term comes to mind. Great food, great drinks, great prices. 

Westlake Village Inn – Wedding Venue

Finding the perfect Westlake Village wedding venue is critical for your dream wedding. If your dream wedding venue has a gazebo, a garden, a waterfall, or a lake view then we have the perfect place for you. Westlake Village Inn in Westlake Village have each type of those venues on their property. They have two beauitful garden spaces one with a to die for lake view. They have a subtle and romantic waterfall to add to the mood of your ceremony. And even the gazebo that will add for beautiful pictures. Or if the weather gets questionable you'll be fine to hold your ceremony still inside the gazebo. For the most important day in your life, leave it to Westlake Village to make it the most magical as well.

The Stonehaus – Winery in Westlake

Give an opportunity to taste drinks

When a customer is not sure what to order, he can ask for a little wine for a sample. If there is already an open wine, you can pour a little so that the guest tries before ordering a full glass or even a bottle. This is a reliable, though not very common way to please guests. More often, the waiter still finds out his preferences in words, then he finds and brings what is guaranteed to be enjoyed by the client. The Stonehaus is a cafe located in Westlake Village.


Determine if wine needs decanting

Decantation is the process of pouring wine from a bottle into a decanter or into a special wine jug before serving to guests. Decanting allows the aromas to open before the wine is served and poured, in addition, reduces the amount of sediment that could get from the bottle to the glass. Contact with oxygen improves the bouquet, enhances the aroma of an expensive drink. This winery in Westlake Village is a great place to come and sample wines.